1. A minimum of one person is designated as the Referee for each Paintball game. The Referee will be the one who starts the game, stops the game for paint checks, decides the issues that may arise and who ends the game. As with all games, it does not pay to contradict the decisions of the referee, decisions by referees and judges are final and unarguable.

2. A player is out of the game if he is hit by a marking pellet (paintball) and it breaks on him, this only refers to his/her torso area and head. It doesn't matter whether the player is shot by an opposing player or a team mate (friendly fire). When a player is marked she/he is to immediately call themselves "OUT or DEADMAN". She/he must then hold their gun over their head, continue to call out "OUT or DEADMAN" and leave the playing field by the shortest and safest route.

3. A player is not considered out of the game if:
  • He/she is struck on the arms or legs.
  • He/she is struck by a marking pellet (paintball) and it does not break.
  • He/she is struck by a splatter from a marking pellet (paintball).
Splatter is considered to be the spray or fragments from a marking pellet that has broken on an object such as a tree, bush or tyre etc., close to the player. If a player calls herself / himself "OUT or DEADMAN", because they think that they have been hit by a marking pellet (paintball), she/he is immediately out of the game and must leave the playing field by the shortest and safest route. Even if the player discovers that they were not hit, after they make the call their out, and must leave the playing field at once.

4. If two or more players mark each other simultaneously, all must be eliminated. A referee will decide who is to be eliminated when two or more players are marked.

5. If there is question as to whether a player has been marked, call for a "Paint Check", that's what the referee is for. When a Paint Check is called the game comes to a stop, all players remain where they are at until the referee clears the problem and restarts the game. Note also that during a Paint Check all players remain where they are when the Paint Check was called and by leaving that position during a Paint Check they can be called out by the referee or by a player reporting their movement to the referee.

6. If the game is a flag game, only one player is permitted to guard the flag at the station. If the guardian gets eliminated from the game, she/he leaves the flag at the point where she/he got shot.

7. A player is not allowed to move together with the barricades.

8. "Dead Man Silent" is when a player got hit and walks out of the field. During this walk she/he is not allowed to speak to any of the players. A marked player is to walk out of the field and to report immediately to the referee for a paint check.

9. All paintballs used at the tournament must be purchased from the referee. The game does not stop during this interaction. The referee leaves the paintballs to the player and walks away. The player runs the risk of getting hit while purchasing the paintballs.

10. Paintballs purchased cannot be reimbursed.

11. Every team has a captain. At the meeting, captains will receive any final instructions and written notice of rules.

12. Team captains have to waive to the referee, in order for the game to begin. The referee blows the whistle and the game commences officially.

13. During the playing of a game, any player's caught outside of the boundaries is/are out of the current game and are to leave the play field area at once. Any and all shots fired from outside the Boundaries do not count. No leaving and returning to the playing field during a game. Once you are outside the Boundaries, your out of the game! Only the game players and the Referee(s) are allowed on the playing field during the playing of a game. If an unauthorized person enters the playing field the game is to come to an immediate stop until that person leaves the playing field.

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