UP, UP and AWAY!!!!

Would you like to revel in a hair-raising aerial expedition that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up? Then strap in for an adrenaline packed ride that delivers the perfect punch to get your pulse racing.
Our zip lines have undergone the required safety inspection and has been awarded an EN safety certified Class “A” standard, inspectors giving it the thumbs up for safety and engineering, declaring it one of the best zip-lines in the world.
Specially trained guards are ready to take you on an epic adventure as you fly over tree tops. Step out of your comfort zone and take a leap...literally fly 40 feet above the floor on four different lines and remember to take in the view as you cross two challenging obstacles.
Your safety is our concern as you crisscross the valleys therefore we provide protective gear, for you to be able to comfortably enjoy this fun and exciting journey.

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